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Kids Corner

Welcome to Kids Corner! 

What you may not know about Blue Lotus Soaps is that we started making products at home for our very own family long before we decided to share them with the world. These products are designed with our littlest customers in mind.

Babies' skin is much more sensitive than adult skin, as it's more delicate and loses moisture quickly. That's why daily hydration is so important! But here's the catch: baby skin also absorbs much more rapidly than adult skin, and some ingredients can do more harm than good. These products are crafted to be extra gentle as they cleanse, hydrate and nourish, and replenish the natural balance of baby's skin. 

They're perfect for big-kid skin too!

Lavender Fields

Best For Baby

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The Art of Dress

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Sand Dunes

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Big Kids

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Desert Life

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Color Me Pink

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