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Specialty Bars

These bars are customized blends of oils, extracts, herbs, essential oils, clays, and so much more, thoughtfully paired to fit the unique needs of your skin type.

Bath & Body Products

These products are customized to fit the unique needs of your skin. Choose between facial bars, facial serums and so much more!


Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars make hair care an eco-friendly experience without sulfates or plastics. These natrually vegan bars are made from an oatmeal soap base and infused with Shea Butter, Coconut & Caster Oil. This product comes in three options: Sage & Chamomile, infused with sage and chamomile essential oils, Oats & Honey, infused with real oats and fregrances, and Shave & A Hair Cut.

Lotion Bars

A lotion bar is a solid lotion. It resembles a bar of soap, but acts like a lotion. The bar will stay solid when kept at room temperature or lower. It can be used anywhere on the body. When applied to skin, body heat will slightly melt the bar. Because the lotion is solid, there is no need to package lotion in a plastic bottle. 

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