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Limited Editions & Specialty Bars

Limited Editions


Blue Lotus' Limited Edition Bars are handcrafted loafs. They include an assortment of Cold Process and Melt and Pour base soaps, embedded with layers of locally or homegrown ingredients. 

BLS Free


These bars are customized blends of oils, extracts, herbs, essential oils, clays, and so much more, thoughtfully paired to fit the unique needs of your skin type. BLS Free bars are naturally fragrance-free and mica-free.

Friends of the Fae

The Future is Equal


Our Friends of the Fae bars will take you away to a land of magic and wonder.

Enjoy this collection of bars that bring out the PRIDE for your authentic self.

Kids Corner


In the Kids Corner collection you will find vibrant scents and fantastically fun designs created with our littlest customers in mind.

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